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Instructional Program

1. Contact

We determine the type of project components best suited for your needs, taking into account amount of bricks and participants, space for creation(s), and other necessary requirements for your project to function. Photos, inspirations, and objectives for your project are great at this stage.


2. Budget & Timeline

A delivery and build time is scheduled and a budget is determined to fit your requirements, including cost of needed materials and labor for completed programming to be performed.
Discussion about priorities for your customized project deliverables should be discussed here too.

Bullet Journal

3. Building program

Procuring the brick pieces and layout of plans for your finished project happen here. Once layout is determined, components, sections, and subparts come together to take shape. Other media and components can get worked out here for you, as needed, such as printed instructions, program collateral accompaniment, etc.

Brick Rick building Lego model

4. Delivery/Completion

Precise scheduling and delivery of instruction/presentation is confirmed ahead of time allowing for set up of space, adjustment of sound/lighting requirements, building and/or instructional tools are in place.
Then your custom event can begin!

Ready for the AWESOME?

If you are ready to take on next steps to discover what sort of creations BRICK RICK can get started for you, click here to begin.

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