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LEGO custom mini figure
Union Soldier minifigure

Personalized Mini Figures

Get familiar with one of the most popular LEGO building items -- The little MINIS that are AWESOME in making a personalized building experience... or let us match you or your clients up for a memorable keepsake that make a GIGANTIC impact! Some examples below...

Build a "Creation Station"

Want to create a space for your team to "make themselves"? You can work with Brick to make your ideal set up for your workplace, party, team-builder, orientation, conference, etc.  Some starter steps below...



Choose Up Your Piece Selections

Heads & Torsos & Legs:
Get the basics built up from a selection of possible combinations

Ready for the AWESOME?

If you are ready to take on next steps to discover what sort of creations BRICK RICK can get started for you, click here to begin.

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