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Custom LEGO Creations

1. Contact

We determine the type of creation best suited for your needs, taking into account scale, amount of bricks, space for creation, and other necessary requirements for your creation to function. Photos and inspirations are great at this stage of communication.


2. Budget & Timeline

A delivery and build time is scheduled and a budget is determined to fit your requirements, including cost of needed materials and labor for completed project in place.

Discussion about priorities for project happens here.

Bullet Journal

3. Building creation

Procuring the brick pieces and layout of plans for your creation happen here. Once layout is placed, pieces begin base and build up and components, sections, and subparts come together to take shape.

Brick Rick building Lego model

4. Delivery/Completion

Finishing the whole creation may take place on-site or in studio with completion taking place when all components of creation are brought together.

Ready for the AWESOME?

If you are ready to take on next steps to discover what sort of creations BRICK RICK can get started for you, click here to begin.

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