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Collaborative project in future of Brick Rick

Sustainability and affordability are hardly new buzzwords but they seem to be getting buzzier everyday. So BRICK RICK & PIXEL PEOPLE PROJECTS will help get more collaboration between community and the services that are looking to help them achieve their living space goals.

BrickRick in the Community

BrickRick works on local headquarters model project for CoverMyMeds in Columbus, Ohio.

Customized Minifigures Becoming Even MORE AWESOME

The popularity of creating your own minifigures within the LEGO play system is really hyping up, with more and more fans craving the customized features of the beloved minis!


"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy

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My Story

My name is Rick Shuster and I’ve been an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) for many years but have recently been working out of my building studio in Columbus since 2015. I enjoy adding a unique perspective to my work in order to make each build memorable. Work by Brick Rick is currently being exhibited in Downtown Columbus. Commission pieces, mentoring, and LEGO building classes are also available.


Since being born and raised in Los Angeles, I have moved to many developing cities across the US that have experienced growth throughout their neighborhoods differently. By using my love and ability to use LEGO to communicate across these borders, I have been fortunate to have experienced my hobby in a way that has created opportunities for discussion and lessons about future development for all.

Looking forward to sharing some of these projects with you here... Enjoy. - RS

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(My Own Creations)


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Contact Me

Rick Shuster

Columbus, Ohio, USA

  • Commission Work

  • Community Projects

  • Architectural Models

  • Other LEGO-based Proposals

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